Why is our Ajax service paid?

Lot of users asked why doesn’t scraper work with ajax based websites? The answer is simple – fetching website without ajax requires just a simple HTTP connection to the target website, however if the website has implemented ajax (background fetching) of content after it has loaded, its a different story altogether.

Recently, we launched our new service – “Scraper Ajax Service” for $9/mo. Its paid, because we have to launch a series of specialized servers to headless browser fetching. This enables our users to crawl websites which are built with dynamic background loading or in short AJAX.

The server farm is expensive and difficult to maintain. We had no choice but to charge a small fee for this. The fees doesn’t have any limits on crawling for now. (We will watch and inform our subscribers if things change in future. )

Thanks for staying with us and believing in scraper product. You can buy the wordpress scraper plugin from codecanyon.