Create a task on Scraper

  1. After installing plugin go to Scraper > “Create New Task” menu.
  2. Enter the URL of source website and click fetch button.
  3. If you need to scrape single page (it’s for creating one post or updating already created post), then check “Single Post” button.
  4. If your post has serial links like posts, products, click the “Select” button on sidebar. This tool is called selector, click with this tool on the post or product title to define serial posts.
  5. Check samples for serial scraping and make sure item count is correct.
  6. You are done with serial scraping definition. Click on “Post Content” from tabs.
  7. Plugin automatically asks if it’s a post or product. You could select one of them, or simply click on “Advance Mode” to build your post structure.
  8. All process is same on this section. You could define post title, post content, category or featured image with “Select” button.
  9. After completing your scraping model, go to preview section and run your model if it runs properly.
  10. Click on “Save Project” button, select your post type, name your task and save it.
  11. You could run your task on scheduled task list.

Please watch this video for a simple setup process.

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