Troubleshoot : It clears HTML content after scraping

In Scraper, there are too much features to transform data for your needs. In some cases, that causes conflict and it ends up with issues.

One of the most common problems on scraping HTML sanitize function problem. On transform function, we have an option to clear source content for HTML tags. It can be easily (and automatically most of time) enabled for post_content.

But in some cases you use HTML elements for your content, it also clears HTML content as well. If you have an iframe on your content and this field also clears HTML tags, that means your iframe elements won’t show up after scraping.

To solve this issue, you should create a variable for your content and use it on your post_content field. Enabling HTML clean function for variable and disabling clean function for post_content solves this problem.

In this video, we created a separate variable for our content and use it on post_content field to fix transform function conflicts. This is the same issue for HTML clear function and both of this methods can be solved with this way.

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