Enabling Translation

To enable translation on Scraper, please go to “Licence and settings” menu. There are different fields for different services. Scraper currently supports Google Translation, Yandex Translate and DeepL translation services.

Enter your license key and click “Save Changes” button.

Scraper supports partial translation. Meaning that, you could only translate one part of your post. For example, you could only translate post title or only post content with partial translation support. That can be useful for some cases where you need to translate only a custom field.

To enable translation on a post, please click “Transform” button for the field that you want to be translated. There is a section called “Translations”. Go to translations section and choose the language from list.

The field you’ve set will be translated the language you select. Please note that you should also set post title, post content and other fields (if there is any) to translate a post fully.

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