Product Attributes

To define a product attribute on Scraper, you should create an attribute on Woocommerce. You could create attribute with following introduction :

  1. Go to Products > Attributes menu on WooCommerce.
  2. Name your attribute and click “Add Attribute” button on form.
  3. After creating attribute, it will appear on the list beside the form. Click your attribute’s name from this table.
  4. It will redirect you to product attribute page. The page has an URL structure that has taxonomy variable. It will be like this : wordpress/wp-admin/edit-tags.php?taxonomy=pa_color&post_type=product
  5. Copy this taxonomy value to use on Scraper. In this case, we copied “pa_color” name.

Now, you have defined product attribute on your WooCommerce system. We could go to Scraper and setup our product attribute field.

  1. Click “Add New Data Field” button on data fields list.
  2. Select “Product Attribute” from that list.
  3. Paste your attribute taxonomy on “Name” field which is “pa_color” in our case.
  4. Select your path with visual editor and transform your input if needed.

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