Scraping URLs in bulk

If you have the list of URLs, you could scrape them with bulk URL functionality. Bulk URL feature works with single-post method.

Paste any URL from your URL list and create scraping template with this URL on visual editor. After creating your model, paste the URL list on bulk URL field and click save changes button. Plugin will scrape other pages with using this template.

The list should be separated with line-breaks. Plugin scan maximum 500 URL on each task.

After enabling single-post option, bulk URL list button will appear.

Pagination Generator

If the URLs contains numbers with linear order. You could use pagination generator to create an URL list.

With pagination generator, you could generate bulk URL list with defined range. You should enter {{number}} as a dynamic variable on your URL, and generator will process and replace number variable with page numbers.

For example we have an URL like this :

If you want to generate URLs with with this scheme, you could simply type{{number}} in the input. Generator will generate bulk URL list with defined URL scheme.

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