Embed iframe video

It’s possible to get any attribute of iframe element with Scraper. In this tutorial, we’ll create a field that allows to get iframe element on our content. Please follow the introductions below :

  1. Create a data field to get iframe element. Select “Custom Variable” and name it like ‘ iframe_video ‘
  2. Type //iframe on xpath field.
  3. After that, plugin will automatically fetches the iframe source attribute.
  4. Select “attr:src” from properties list.
  5. Rename your data field to “iframe_video”
  6. Go to shortcodes section and type : <iframe src="{{content}}" width="100%" height="300"></iframe>
  7. Now you have {{iframe_video}} variable, you could simply put your video to post_content field on shortcodes section.

If you iframe has special attributes, you could simply apply all of them.

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